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Christmas Letter

     We have had an interesting and gratifying year.  In March we traveled to Arkansas to see our newest grandchild, Tobias Hinckley Van Irvin.  We loved getting to meet Toby and watching Kris and Nathaniel with their new baby.  Laureen has since traveled to Draper where the Irvins now live to see Toby again.  

      Van burnt up his Honda and is struggling to get the car situation more functional.  He is trying to get into shape to keep up with the young men in his merit badge clinic special events.

      Laureen is teaching seminary to four youth in our home and is still the Relief Society President.  She teaches piano and cares for Isabella.

      Nathaniel was working for Wal Mart in Bentonville but he now works for 1 - 800Contacts in Draper, Utah.  

     Andrea finally condescended to give Faiver a date and several months later they got engaged on November 1st.  They are planning an April 30th wedding in the Washington D.C. temple.  Faiver is from Colombia.  He speaks Spanish pretty well.  Andrea is majoring in linguistics with a minor in TESOL and will graduate in April.

    Phillip was promoted to manager of Pizza Hut, got a Ford F-250, and became SCUBA ceritfied.  He is diving for advanced certification in Key Largo this month.

    Russell is studying Chemical Engineering at NC State where

he remains a UNC fan.  He bought a Honda Civic this year and worked for Papa Johns.  Guess what Phillip and Russell talk about when they get together.

    Muriel is living in Mary Foust Hall at UNC Greensboro where she is studying Cinematography.  

     Monique has come home to live and is working on her GED and honing her job skills.

      Cheryl went to Palmyra with the youth from the stake during the summer.  She also enjoyed summer camp where Laureen was also a counselor.

     Our endearing mutt Sam has passed away and Yoda is thriving out in the garage and around the house.

The Irvins